Hussein Rounaghi” Was Transferred To Hospital With His Hands and Ankles Cuffed

HRANA – After several months being in severe physical condition, on Wednesday morning April 20th, authorities finally transferred “Hussein Rounaghi Maleki” to a hospital with his hands and ankles cuffed.

According to The HRANA reporters, News organizations for Human Rights Activists in Iran, Today morning Hussein Rounaghi was taken to Hospital with his hands and ankles cuffed.

This is considering that previously after having this political prisoner examined, the medical specialist had told that he should go under surgery in a hospital, otherwise the infection would spread to his other Kidney, but Tehran prosecutor himself, and other authorities involved, were repeatedly delaying this matter intentionally.
This Blogger and human rights activist has diagnosed with Kidney problems.
In recent days the Symptoms of the disease had been so evident in Hussein Rounaghi’ body that his face was completely swollen.

It is to be reminded that “Hussein Rounaghi Maleki” was arrested in November 2009 and for one year was detained under the most intense pressure in the Evin prison in solitary confinement. He later on sentenced to 15 years imprisonment by the Tehran Revolutionary Court.

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