Jafar Kazemi’s Death Sentence Confirmed

HRANA- An appeals court has upheld the death sentence handed down to Jafar Kazemi. His sentence was confirmed by the 36th Branch of the court of appeals presided over by Hojatoleslam Zargari.

His lawyer Ms. Ghanavi told a human rights website that her client has spent long periods of time in solitary confinement.

Jafar Kazemi, a lithograph for textbooks and pamphlets for Amir Kabir University was arrested on September 18, 2009 in Haft e Tir Square and transferred to the solitary ward in section 209 for seventy four days before being transferred to ward 350 of Evin Prison. Prior to this he had been imprisoned between1981 and 1989.


Jafar Kazemi’s wife Rudabeh Akbari has written to the secretary general of the United Nations asking that he takes steps to stop her husband’s execution. He was originally sentenced by the 28th branch of the revolutionary court.

Ms. Ghanavi has stated that her client has been convicted of being a “mohareb” or one “waging war against God” for his alleged affiliations the Mujahedin e Khalq organization. Mr. Kazemi has not accepted this charge during his interrogations.

According to Mr. Kazem’s lawyer, Shi’ite scholars state that the charge of “mohareb” is levied against those who have rose up in armed revolt against the government. Ms. Ghanavi explains that this is not the case with her client. It is believed that he did take part in post election gatherings and chanted slogans but his lawyer says the charge of “mohareb” is not true.

Nasim Ghanavi has stated that their appeal was never truly considered and that the charge of “moharab” was never in question by the court. His file has now been sent to have his sentenced carried out and there is no legal recourse to save Jafar Kazemi’s life.

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