Imprisoned Teacher Prohibited of Visiting his Family for the Second Time

HRANA News Agency – Mahmoud Beheshti was deprived of close visit with his family because of continued refusal to wear prison uniform like last week and had a cabin visit with them. ITTA former and imprisoned spokesperson said that according to the law, political defendants had no obligation to wear prison uniform.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), during the last week and despite this imprisoned teacher’s wife’s follow up, by attending the Prosecutor’s Office and contacting prison Assistant Prosecutor, still they are refusing to consider his demand of not wearing prison uniform.

Mahmoud Beheshti Langroodi announced last week that he had refused to wear prison uniform because of “respecting his human dignity as a teacher and trade unionist” and believes that ward 7 officials urged him to wear the prison uniform illegally.

Based on Evin prison routine, ward 7 prisoners’ family visit days are every Saturday and Sunday.

Officials of different wards of Evin prison act based on their personal taste rather than law, regarding the obligation to wear prison uniform, known as “barbed wire uniform”, and there is no policy or directive in this regard.

Mahmoud Beheshti Langroodi former spokesman for the teachers’ union, who had gone on a furlough, after a 21-day-hunger strike to protest at the sentence of 9 years in prison which had been issued without jury and in a closed court, on Thursday 14th January, was back to Evin prison as his request for an extension of his furlough was refused by the prison authorities.

He was convicted to imprisonment by Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court presided over by Judge Salvati more than two years ago.

Mr. Beheshti’s verdict was announced in June 2013 and at the same time he announced that in his Facebook profile: “My sentence was communicated to me by Mr. Salvati. Four years imprisonment on charges of gathering and colluding against the national security, and one year on the accusation of propaganda against the regime”.
He added: “considering four years of suspended imprisonment, a total of nine years imprisonment, so easily.”

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