No Information About 7 Detained Sunnis In Golestan Province

HRANA News Agency – After more than three weeks, there is no information about the status and condition of 7 Sunni citizens who were arrested in Golestan province.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), according to Baluch rights activists, intelligence service forces of Golestan have arrested 7 religious activists who were the residents of Golestan province.
These arrestees have not contacted or visited their families yet, and there is no information about the location that they are being kept in. Even their names have not been officially publicized yet.
The follow up from their families to officials have not had any response, and only once they were told that they were kept in Mashhad, but they were not given any certain answer.
The names of these seven detainees are as following:
Mulavi Abdulrahim Gorgij
Mulavi Abdulhakim Gorgij
Mulavi Jomei Gorgij
Mulavi Mohammad Baluch
Mulavi Alireza Astark, son of Jomee (the Imam of Gharavol village, a rural area of Kalaleh town)
Ibrahim Zarin
Mohammad Torkaman

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