No Information about Bagher Gholami Since Being Arrested on March 6th

HRANA News Agency – Bagher Gholami (Naami) Arab citizen who had converted from Shi’ism to Sunnism and had been active to promote that, has been in the Ministry of Intelligence detention in Ahvaz since March 6th. There is no information about his fate so far.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran, Bagher Gholami (Naami), son of Isaac, born on December 4, 1980, married and father of two, has been arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence agents in Ahvaz, on March 6th. His family has no information about his fate ever since.
This religious activist had been already arrested and imprisonment several rimes. Mr. Gholami was in detention of Intelligence office on February 17, 2011. He spent 13 months imprisonment from July 26, 2012 on. He also, experienced more than 5 months imprisonment, from December 17, 2013 on.
The Ahwazi citizen has been arrested for his present case by Ministry of Intelligence agents, on March 6, 2016.
Hi relatives say; he was arrested at his house by a private car, in his home cloths and without his personal belongings and even his eye glasses, by the agents, at 5 o’clock pm on March 6th. After two hours, around 7 pm, Ministry of Intelligence agents went to his house and without any warrants and after a full inspection, took all his books and handouts and his other belongings including 2 mobile phones.
Since Bagher Gholami has been arrested, his family and relatives have attended security forces, Intelligence Ministry and the Revolutionary Court but have not received any information about his fate. All the offices has said that they knew nothing about him.
In his previous case, Mr. Gholami was charged with “propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran and blasphemy by converting from Shiism and tendency to Sunnism through establishing groups and communities in different areas of the city of Ahvaz and holding domestic meetings to read Quran, prayers and celebrating religious festivals at the same time with Arab countries” and was sentenced by Branch 2 of the Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz, presided  by Judge Seyed Mohammad Bagher Mousavi, and endured his sentence.

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