No Information about Saman Naseem and 5 other Death Row Prisoners’ Fate

HRANA News Agency – After 12 days that death row prisoners, Saman Naseem, Sirvan Nazhavi, Ebrahim Shapoori, Ali afshari, Habibulah Afshari and Younes Aghayan, had been transferred from ward 12 of Central Prison of Ormia, their relatives have not been given a clear answer about them yet.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Saman Naseem, Younes Aghayan, Habibullah Afshari, Ali Afshari, Sirvan Nazhavi and Ebrahim Shapoori (Esapoor) were transferred on Wednesday 18th February, from ward 12 of Ormia prison to an unknown location.
Saman Naseem was 17 years old when he was arrested and according to the international law, he is included the children’s rights, so that, from sometimes ago, human rights organizations and groups have reacted regarding the risk of his execution.
However, after 12 days of transferring these 6 political prisoners, still there is no reliable information available about their fate and condition.
In this regard, a relative of Saman Naseem told HRANA’s reporter, “They say nothing to us; they only gave us Saman’s stuffs”.
An informed source told HRANA’s Reporter, regarding Younes Aghayan and Sirvan Nezhadi, “Their families were told verbally that their children are in quarantine ward in Zanjan prison, but even after several days from what they said and despite the families’ efforts, they have not have a visit or contact with their children, which could confirm authorities’ claim.”
It is to say that, the judiciary system’s operation regarding these missing prisoners has been contested by their families and human rights defenders. Amnesty International issued a statement, calling on the Iranian government to accept responsibility for these prisoners’ fate and inform, clearly, their families from the fate of these prisoners who have been sentenced to death.

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