Iranian Writers Association’s monthly meeting was banned

HRANA News Agency – The Iranian Writers Association says government officials prevented the group from holding its monthly advisory meeting.


In a statement, the association says the meeting was scheduled to be held at the home of one of the members on Tuesday January 21. However, in a telephone communication, the security officials summoned the member to the ministry of intelligence and forced him to cancel the meeting.


The statement indicates “the association has faced continual government pressure and oppression since its establishment in 1968.”


The statement has questioned recent gathering of a number of artists and cultural figures with President Rouhani because of persistent pressure on Iranian writers and cultural society. The association reminds the president’s recent promises of freedom of activity in the art and culture field and warns that no independent organization is being allowed to remain publicly active in the art and cultural field.


The statement adds: “the main problem of Iranian writers and artists is not “defining the freedom” but “lack of freedom”. It is possible for different people seek freedom through different ways including taking part in the power and with the regime. Everybody is free to choose his/her approach towards the freedom. However, Iranian Writers Association will not seek freedom through support of the oppressive government of Iran.”

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