Jaber Sakhravi’s Sentence Reduced to 12 Years and 5 Months

HRANA News Agency – Jaber Sakhravi’s sentence of 14 years and six months imprisonment was reduced to 12 years and 5 months by branch 16 of the Court of Appeal in Ahwaz. However, after two strokes, general health condition of Jaber Sakhravi in Shiban prison in Ahwaz has been reported as inappropriate.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the prison sentence for Jaber Sakhravi, Arab citizen who was sentenced to 14 years and six months imprisonment by the primary court was reduced by branch 16 of the Court of Appeal in Ahwaz, presided by Judge “Said Kosha” to 12 years and five months.
HRANA had reported earlier that Jaber Skhravi needed medical attention. After two strokes, his general condition is reported to be critical.
Jaber Sakhravi, 30, son of Gahami, computer science graduate and native of Alavi Street in Ahwaz, was arrested by the security forces on the Khashayar street in this city, on March 24, 2014.
This Arab activist was held for about three months in solitary confinement of intelligence service under torture and due to the deterioration of his condition he was transferred to Karoon Prison in Ahwaz, on June 17, 2014.
An informed source in this regard told HRANA: “Jaber Sakhravi was severely tortured in detention center of intelligence agency so that the right side of his body was paralyzed and now he has problems with even moving his right leg. He had been tortured severely by the intelligence officers with electric batons, as the marks of torture and burns can be seen on the waist and her legs even now. Due to the severe and medieval tortures, Jaber is suffering from kidney pain, swelling of the testicles and urinary tract pain and his vision is poor.”
The physical and mental tortures on Jaber Sakhravi were so severe that he had stomach bleeding even two months after being transferred from intelligence detention centre to Karoon prison and his condition is getting worse and worse.
This informed source also continued, stressing that: “The use of sedative drugs has had a significant impact on the psychological condition of Jaber Sakhravi, who is a victim of torture and now in the prison of Shiban (Ahwaz training complex) even very simple discussions lead to his anger and a conflict with the others.”
HRANA previously had reported, citing a person close to Mr. Sakhravi: “Jaber Sakhravi was arrested on charge of carrying crude explosives. He informed the officers about his disease which is MS, at the time of his arrest, but they carelessly tortured him that led to his stroke and they took him to prison’s hospital, but after couple of days again they retuned him to the prison and tortured him which led to the second stroke and hemiplegia. Although his family denies the occurrence of stroke and believes the paralysis of the body is merely the result of torture.”
His family has tried hardly to receive a furlough for his medical treatment in the hospital, but has so far failed and their request has been rejected for several times by the Revolutionary Court.
Jaber Sakhravi was sentenced to 14 years and six months imprisonment in the Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz by “Judge Shabuni” on charge of “acting against national security by waging war”.
The sick prisoner was transferred to Shiban prison (Ahwaz training complex), following the closure of the Karoon prison in Ahwaz.

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