Journalist Vahid Ashtari Starts Serving 14-Month Sentence

Journalist Vahid Ashtari Starts Serving 14-Month Sentence

On Thursday, June 20, Vahid Ashtari, a journalist, was arrested and transferred to prison to serve his fourteen-month sentence, according to Mizan, the judiciary’s news agency.

Vahid Ashtari was initially sentenced to 24 months in prison, which was later reduced to 14 months by the Court of Appeals. This case was referred to another branch in the Court of Appeals of Tehran Province in November-December 2023 following the Supreme Court’s order for retrial. However, the judges of that branch rejected the retrial and confirmed the verdict issued by the Tehran Court of Appeals.

Mizan reported that this conviction is related to a case initiated after Mr. Ashtari reported the assault against him by a soldier in Babol, Mazandaran province.

This journalist has faced several other charges and convictions due to his activities as a journalist. He is also known for exposing the trip of Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf’s family, the current Speaker of the Parliament of Iran, to Turkey, leading to a scandal known as the “baby layette Gate” for Ghalibaf.

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