Journalist Hadi Kasaie Zadeh Arrested

Journalist Hadi Kasaie Zadeh Arrested

Hadi Kasaie Zadeh, a journalist, has been arrested by security forces and transferred to an unknown location, as reported by Didban Iran.

The report does not specify the security institution responsible for Kasaie Zadeh’s arrest, the place of detention, or the charges against this journalist.

In May of this year, Kasaie Zadeh was charged with “publishing details about the death of Nika Shakarami.” at the Evin Prosecutor’s Office in Tehran.

Additionally, in another case, this journalist was sentenced to three months in prison by Branch 2 of the Tehran Criminal Court for the charge of “disseminating false information.” The sentence has been suspended for two years. According to information received by HRANA, this conviction was related to the publication of material concerning the judicial case of Reza Saghafi, the former head of the Gilan Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

Hadi Kasaie Zadeh Mahabadi has a history of judicial confrontations due to his activities as a journalist.

In 2023, the Department of Statistics and Publications of the Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRA) documented 2,380 cases in which citizens, including journalists and civil rights activists, faced legal and security consequences for exercising their freedom of expression and thought. These incidents resulted in the arrest of 3,130 individuals.

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