Kasra Nouri transferred to Shiraz Intelligence Office

HRANA News Agency – Kasra Nouri who is in 75th days of hunger strike was transferred to detention center of Shiraz Etela’at known as No. 100, beaten and interrogated as well.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), quoted from Majzooban Noor, on April 1st of 2013 Kasra Nouri who is in hunger strike for 75 days with Sale Moradi together, was transferred to Shiraz Etela’at, interrogated and beaten for a few hours to force him to end his hunger strike which Dervishes protest in front of detention center of Shiraz Etela’at forced Etela’at to transfer Kasra to Adelabad prison again.

In No. 100 -Detention center of Shiraz Etela’at- the agents were trying to interrogate Kasra Nouri said to them “You have not the right to interrogate me and my dossier is not in a condition to let you interrogate me.”

Etela’at interrogators offered Kasra to provide bail to be released temporarily but Kasra refused their offering.

Right after refusing the offering by Kasra Nouri, Etela’at agents intimidated and tortured Kasra to force him to end the hunger strike but this Gonabadi dervish did not give up again and the agents transferred him to solitaire cell with insulting and beaten.

A bit later Gonabadi dervishes gathered in front of detention center of Etela’at and with their protest the Etela’at agents were scared of the consequences of their illegal act and transferred Kasra Nouri to Adelabad prison of Shiraz again.

At the same day Kasra’s mother Shokoufeh Yadollahi was met judge Rashidi who is in charge of Kasra’s dossier process in Shiraz revolutionary court. Judge Rashidi asked Kasra’s mother to provide bail to release her son.

But Mrs. Yadollahi refused this request and claimed that “The only way that makes imprisoned dervishes in Shiraz and Tehran free is to release them without any restriction and we do not accept to even provide one Rial bail for Kasra’s freedom.”

Saleh Moradi and Kasra Nouri are imprisoned in Adelabad prison of Shiraz for 19 and 15 months. Also since January 16th of 2013 after illegal transferring of seven dervishes rights lawyers and Majzooban website administrators to ward 209 which ordered by judge Salevati, Kasra and Saleh started hunger strike in protest to this illegal act.

Still the dossier of these two imprisoned dervishes are in process in Shiraz revolutionary court after months of being imprisoned.

nevertheless their imprisonment is more than usual even with the accusations they faced with, still their detention is illegal.

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