At least 45 Arab citizens are arrested in Ahvaz

HRANA News Agency – At least 45 Arab citizens of Ahvaz were arrested in the funeral of an Ahvazi poet.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), after attendance and gathering of young Arab-Ahwazi citizens, in the funeral of an Ahwazi poet with the name of Mullah Fazel Sakrani, the police and special unit enforcements arrested dozens of Arab citizens, on Ahwaz-Fallahiyah (Shadegan) road, on Sunday, January 19.
According to local sources, after the ceremony, three mini-buses which were taking back people to Ahwaz were stopped by the police and security forces and all of the passengers were arrested and transferred to Amaliyat-Karoun detention, on Ahwaz-Fallahiyah (Shadegan) road, at 6pm.
According to this report, some of the arrestees have arrest records due to their political and civil activities. The reason for this arrest is said to be singing some poets during the ceremony.
All of these young arrestees are from Mullashiyah region and till now just the name of 45 of them has been published:
1) Mohammad Vavy (25 years old)
2) Hassan Saedi (25 years old)
3) Sadegh, the son of Hamdan Afravy (27 years old)
4) Khalid, the son of Hamdan Afravi (25 years old)
5) Mohammad, the son of Abdulzahra Afravy (23 years old)
6) Ahmad, the son of Abdulzahra Afravy Yanblagh (19 years old))
7) Ghader, the son of Sahi Masoud, (24 years old)
8) Majid, the son of Sahi Msoud, (23 years old)
9) Valid, the son of Khalaf Masoudi, (20 years old)
10) Salem Haidary (23 years old)
11) Jafar Silavy (22 years old)
12) Mohammad, the son of Obaid Korshavy (23 years old)
13) Adnan, the son of Hakim Ayashi (22 years old)
14) Mohammad Ain Gharbavy (27 years old)
15) Tameh the son of Hannoun Barajei (30 years old)
16) Hossain Hamudy (19 years old)
17) Tameh Hamudy (25 years old)
18) Tariq the son of Naem Afravy (23 years old)
19) Ali Karkar Haidari (30 years old)
20) Azim Ayashi (27 years old)
21) Ibrahim, the son of Fenjan Badavi (21 years old)
22) Ahmad the son of Fenjan Badavi (21 years old)
23) Ali Haji Badavi (29 years old)
24) Rasul Barajei (25 years old)
25) Ahmad Barajei (31 years old)
26) Ghasem the son of Lazem Hardani (19 years old)
27) Tofigh Korshavi (23 years old)
28) Rasoul Korshavi (23 years old)
29) Mojtaba, the son of Hasan Marvani (18 years old)
30) Aref Sorkhi (25 years old)
31) Sattar the son of Sadam Masoudi (23 years old)
32) Bandar the son of Rashed Masoudi (21 years old)
33) Maher the son of Zarzour (17 years old)
34) Milad Ofravi (19 years old)
35) Mohammad the son of Lofte Masoudi (21 years old)
36) Ali the son of Lofteh Masoudi (19 years old)
37) Majed Masoudi (23 years old)
38) Nouri Korshavy (38 years old)
39) Majid the son of Hamid Hashemi (40 years old)
40) Ghasem the son of Lofteh Haidari (27 years old)
41) Saeid Solimani (38 years old)
42) Reza Marvani (17 years old)
43) Hassan Tarfi (35 years old)
44) Naeim the son of Abbas Haidari (22 years old)
45) Sajad Badavi (25 years old)

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