The List of the Names of 55 Death Row Prisoners in Uremia Prison

HRANA News Agency – at least 100 prisoners with homicide charges are kept on wards number 4 and 5 in Uremia prison. HRANA is trying to gain public attention in order to save them from execution by publicizing their identities. For this reason identity of 55 prisoners under death row is following.

According to Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) – following call of around 100 prisoners in Uremia prison by authorities and announcement of “deciding their faith” on next three months and finding complaints addresses, identity of 56 prisoners who are mainly charged with homicide and are kept in ward 4 and 5 of prison, is publicizing by HRANA. Need to be mentioned that three prisoners on this list has been kept in prison for past 27 years each.

The list of the identities of 55 prisoners of Uremia prison under death row is following by respectively Name and Family Name, serving time, and city that prisoner was resided there:

Saeid Tanha, 13 years, Mahabad
Abdullah Banayi, 8 years, Sardasht
Khalil Agushi, 5 years, Maku
Ramazan Sabzi, 5 years, Maku
Naser Kakazadeh, 3 years, Mahabad
Faisal Abdi, 6 years, Uremia
Taimoor Asoobar, 3 years, Uremia
Salim Khazri, 5 years, Mahabad
Kamal Soltani, 2 years, Boukan
Kamal Molla Vaisi, 3 years, Mahabad
Salah Javanmard, 3 years, Mahabad
Abat Javanmard, 3 years, Mahabad
Kamal Khakzad, 5 years, Oshnaviyeh
Hossain Rahimi, 7 years, Boukan
Osman Sahraei, 27 years, Uremia
Saeid Armad, 27 years, Uremia
Jafar Esmaeili, 27 years, Uremia
Rahim Barin, 7 years, Mahabad
Afshin Khorshidi, 7 years, Uremia
Ghader Mohammad Hasan, 3 years, Mahabad
Tayeb Shaikhnejad Mokri, 3 years, Piranshahr
Ibrahim Taghe, 5 years, Naghadeh
Daryush Darvishzadeh, 3 years, Uremia
Rahman Darvishzadeh, 3 years, Uremia
Danesh Darvishzadeh, 3 years, Uremia
Osman Gholtafi, 8 years, Boukan
Hasan Bahrami, 2 years, Boukan
Naji Omarzadeh, 7 years, Uremia
Saji Omarzadeh, 7 years, Uremia
Hamdollah Hamd Mohammadzadeh, 4 years, Uremia
Mohammad Taimoori, 5 years, Naghadeh
Mojtaba Kahrizi, 5 years, Uremia
Akbar Choopani, 3 years, Naghadeh
Khalil Salehi, 6 years, Uremia
Idris Jabarzadeh, 7 years, Mahabad
Rasoul Kavani, 3 years, Oshnaviyeh
Himan Bonavand, 2 years, Piranshahr
Mohammadreza Mohammadnejad, 16 years, Uremia
Hamid Parvizi, 3 years, Uremia
Gholamreza Amiri, 7 years, Uremia
Fardin Bayrami, 3 years, Miyandoab
Sayad Khanian, 3 years, Miyandoab
Mahdi Hajizadeh, 7 years, Miyandoab
Behnam Hasanzadeh, 7 years, Uremia
Ali Amoozadeh, 4 years, Uremia
Ramazan Shaikhloo, 14 years, Uremia
Ramazan Ahmadipoor, 4 years, Sardasht
Aram Rasouli, 3 years, Oshnaviyeh
Daryush Farahzad, 2 Daryush Uremia
Jafar Ardashiri, 14 years, Uremia
Reza Farmanbordar, 5 years, Uremia
Jahandar Shokrollahi, 4 years, Uremia
Ali Abdi, 3 years, Kermanshah
Alireza Alinejad, 14 years, Mahabad
Afshin Shoukati, 4 years, Uremia

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