Mahmood Beheshti Visited his Family without Prison Uniform

HRANA News Agency – Mahmood Beheshti Langaroodi, imprisoned teacher and trade unionist, could visit his family without wearing prison uniform. This imprisoned teacher was deprived of visiting for refusing to wear the prison uniform during past weeks.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mr. Beheshti had expressed the reason of his refusal from wearing prison’s uniform, as “preserving his dignity as a human being, teacher and union activist”.

According to Evin prison’s regulations, every Saturday and Sunday are the visit days for the families of prisoners of ward number 7.

Prison ward’s authorities enforce the mandate for prison uniform, famous with the name of “barbed wire dress”, in arbitrary basis and there is no dress code or regulation in this regard.

Mahmood Beheshti Langaroodi, former stockperson of teachers union, who has been sentenced to 9 years in prison, in a non-public court and without jury, came to a furlough after a 21-day-long hunger strike, but his request for extending the furlough was rejected by prison authorities. He went back to the ward on January 14.

His verdict was issued in branch 15 of the revolutionary court by judge Salavati, more than two years ago.

The sentence was announced in June 2013 and he publicized it by posting on his Facebook page, “Mr. Salavati submitted my sentence. Four years on charge of collusion against the national security and one year on charge of propaganda against the regime”.

He added, “with the consideration of conditional four years sentence, it will become 9 years in prison, as easy as that”.

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