Majid Moghadam Began Serving His 3 Years in Evin Prison

HRANA News Agency – Majid Abedinzadeh Moghadam, civil rights activist and witness of Kahrizak detention centre, submitted himself to Evin prison for serving his three years in prison sentence. Mr. Abedinzadeh Moghadam had received court summon note.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Majid Abedinzadeh Moghadam submitted himself to Evin prison for serving his three years in prison sentence, on November 1st.
Mr. Abedinzadeh Moghadam was summoned by branch number two of Evin court for serving his sentence on October 20th.
This civil rights activist had been arrested on December 2014 and sentenced to 6 years in prison in the primary court. His case was sent to branch number 39 of the appeal court and this sentence was reduced to three years.
Objection to the result of presidential election of 2009, visiting the families of victims of 2009 demonstrations who were killed, supporting political prisoners’ families and visiting them, explaining the incidents inside Kahrizak and interview with foreign media are considered as reasons of this sentence.
Majid Moghadam was previously arrested by plainclothes forces for attending the protest rallies in 2009, and transferred to Kahrizak detention centre. He has described his experiences in details in a video interviews and testified.

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