4 Civilians Still under Detention of IRGC after 2 Months

HRANA News Agency – Tens of civilians form Boukan who had been arrested on October 6 by security forces, were released on the bail. However, four arrestees are still in detention centre of IRGC forces, in a bad condition.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on October 6, a coordinated operation was conducted by security forces, and many houses and rural areas of Boukan were raided. This raid which was along with beating, resulted in the arrest of many civilians. It was reported that the arrestees were young, juveniles and even Imams and their students in the mosques.
Most of them were released on the bail, but still four men with the names of Abdulghafoor Asouwar, Yaghoub Nooreh, Kamal Aliaghdam and Haxhar Fareghi are detained in Seyed-al –Shaohada detention centre of IRGC of Uremia.
A close source to the families of these arrestees told HRANA’s reporter, “These men are being tortured in this detention centre. They have not had any contact with their families and their families are being told that their children are not there”.

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