A Man Burned Himself And Died In Ramshir Of Khuzestan

HRANA News Agency – A civilian in Ramshir city of Khuzestan province fired a person who was considered to be responsible for his dismissal and himself, inside the trade union building of Ramshir as a protest for being fired from work.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Omid Rashedi, 36, an accountant in trade union of Ramshir in Khuzestan, committed self-immolation for being fired from the work inside the building on Wednesday September 23. He also tried to fire an authority of this organization.

Close sources to Mr. Rashedi claimed that a while ago, Omid Rashedi went to the court in regard of a financial issue of an official from trade union office and revealed some information. According to this report had resulted in the arrest of that official. However, that person was released and went back to his post in the organization and fired Omid Rashedi, the business management specialist of the organization.

After being dismissed from the work, Omid Rashedi found problems in his personal life, due to losing income and requested to be back to work but it was denied.

After this request, Omid Rashedi went to the office of that official with a gallon of gasoline, on September 23, and with pouring gasoline on himself and the official committed immolation. Omid Rashedi died due to high level of injury on Thursday, September 24th, in Taleghani hospital in Ahvaz and other person was injured on his hand.

Need to be mentioned that HRANA cannot confirm mentioned claims, roots and reasons of this event independently.

None of the local officials have reacted to this event yet.

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