Mansoor Osanloo Transferred to the Addicts Ward of Rajaiee Shahr Prison

HRANA – Mansoor Osanloo, reputable labor activist and head of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran Bus Company, has been transferred to the ward housing drug addicts in Rajaiee Shahr prison in Karaj.

Based on information received by HRANA, Mr. Osanloo was transferred to the Addicts Ward because of a complaint brought against him by another inmate, Sayed Mohammad Ruhollah Hashemi. Mohammad Hashem
i is the son of the prominent war hero and martyr, Syed Mojtaba Hashemi, the well-known commander and mastermind of guerrilla warfare (aka Partisan Battles) during the Iran-Iraq war. Mohammad Hashemi is in Rajaiee Shahr prison for the gruesome murder of his brother and sister in law, which made headlines on November 22, 2009.
HRANA sources indicate that Hashemi was agitated into bringing the complaint against Mr. Osanloo by the Head of Security at Rajaiee Shahr prison, Mr. Kermani, and his deputy, Mr. Faraji. It also appears that the prison authorities asked Hashemi to lodge his complaint on camera.
The Addicts Ward is one of the most notorious wards at Rajaiee Shahr prison. In addition to housing the prison’s narcotics trade and drug addicts, it is also the home of mentally ill inmates and prisoners suffering from serious diseases such as tuberculosis and hepatitis.
Mansoor Osanloo was arrested in the summer of 2008 after returning from a conference in London and has been in prison since.

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