Mohammad Salam Joshan – Iran-Iraq War Veteran – Arrested

HRANA – Mohammad Salam Joshan, a 52-year old Iran-Iraq war veteran, was arrested on Wednesday, May 26th, by security forces. He was transferred to Evin prison, and his condition is yet unknown.

According to Human Rights and Democracy Activists, Mr. Joshan is a chemical weapons’ victim from the Iran-Iraq war, where his leg was permanently damaged due to a bullet injury. He also suffers from other severe injuries, and his general health is in poor condition.
At present, two other family members of Mr. Joshan are in Gohardasht prison, and he hasn’t been able to visit them or talk to them for the past two months.
Mr, Joshan’s spouse, Zahra Asadpour Gorji, and their son were arrested in December 2009 in their home by Intelligence Ministry agents. Mrs. Gorji and her son have been charged with participating in demonstrations after the recent election, and Judge Asef Hosseini, from the Revolutionary Court in Karaj, sentenced them to one year imprisonment in exile in Zanjan, in addition to exile for five years in Qilar, a village near Zanjan.
Mrs. Asadpour Gorji had previously been jailed for 16 months for visiting her son in Camp Ashraf (a refugee camp for members of People’s Mujahedin of Iran).

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