Mehdi Kokhian Restarted His Hunger Strike by Sewing His Lips

HRANA News Agency – Mehdi Kokhian activist from Malakan, has gone on hunger strike by sewing his lips again in Maragheh prison, to protest against breach in promises made by the authorities. This political prisoner has symbolically sewed his ears as well to “avoid hearing the officials’ insults”.
A close source to Mr. Kokhian told HRANA’s reporter: “Mehdi again has gone on hunger strike and has sewed his mouth and ears on January 31, and he has said that he sewed his ears to avoid hearing their insults”.
The source went on saying: “Unfortunately, the intelligence officers have gone many times to Mehdi’s home and have created fear and terror for the residents of the home. During this time, Mehdi has had stomach bleeding for three times, his kidney has got infection and that he had already stomach problems which have got worse. It had been agreed that Mehdi would be released on a bail of 1 billion, but the prosecutor, Peyman Mohammadpour, has violated what he had said and increased the bail to 3 billion. Mehdi has started his strike by sewing his mouth and ears. He said, ‘I will achieve my demand or die here.’”
Mehdi Kokhian and Karim Chaichian were arrested at their houses by security forces of Malekan, on December 19, 2016. The officers searched their houses and attempted to seize these two civilians’ personal electronics and communication belongings.
Mehdi Kokhian and Karim Chaichian had gone on hunger strike since their transfer from Malekan Police to Maragheh prison on December 21, 2016.
Karim Chaichian was released from Maragheh prison on December 25, 2016 but Mr. Kokhian was transferred to the solitary confinement of the Intelligence Office, while he was still on hunger strike.
It has been reported previously that Mehdi Kokhian had been beaten in detention centre of the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Office in Tabriz.
Finally, Mehdi Kokhian was transferred from detention centre of the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Office in Tabriz to Maragheh prison on January 22, 2017. A bail of 1 billion IRR had been issued for him. When this transfer was done, Mr. Kokhian had ended his hunger strike in this detention centre on an unknown date.

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