Mohammad Ali Taheri is on hunger strike

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Ali Taheri, the establisher of the mysticism circle in on hunger strike against the pressures that the interrogators are putting on him.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), there is no news of the health condition of this belief prisoner in section 2-A of Evin prison and he has been prevented from meeting his family in recent days.

He had gone on hunger strike once before protesting against the denial of his rights by the Pasdaran interrogators.

He got a vacation after 2 years last March but was forced to return to the prison after just 6 days on 26th March. This was a medical vacation and now there is a serious worry about his health condition.

Mohammad Ali Taheri is now more than 22 months in the section 2-A of the Evin prison which belongs to the Pasdaran forces.

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