Mohammad Najafi Tried and Released on the Bail

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Najafi, a registered lawyer who is active in human rights related lawsuits in Shazand town, had his court hearing about the allegation of propaganda against the regime, and was then released on the bail. Mr. Najafi has three other cases against him, the first one in the armed forces’ court, the second one in the prosecution office of the town and the third one in branch number two of Evin court.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mohammad Najafi, registered lawyer of judiciary, who is active in human rights related lawsuits, had his court hearing regarding the charge of propaganda against the regime in Shazand court in Markazi province, on march 4. His lawyers, Mr. Kaikhosro and Derakhshan were also present in that session.

The court released him on the bail.

Mohammad Najafi is charged with propaganda against the regime, for his articles and posts in Facebook and a Telegram channel with the name of Posht-e-Koohi.

A close source to this lawyer told HRANA’s reporter, “Mr. Najafi has an open case in the armed forces’ court. For wearing green dress and writing an article about 2009’s Ashoura, he is charged with propaganda against the regime. Previously, branch number 2 of Evin court had summoned him, there he was told that because the maintenance branch was closed, he would be summoned later”.

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