An Arab Asylum Seeker Sentenced to Jail after Returning to Iran

HRANA News Agency – Zia Savari, 24, resident of Ahvaz, has been sentenced to 6 years in prison after returning from Netherlands. This sentence was confirmed in the appeal court.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Zia Savari, 24, resident of Kooy-e-Alaviyeh area in Ahvaz city, who had returned from Netherlands in March 2016, was arrested on Thursday, April 14, 2015 by the intelligence forces of IRGC.
Mr. Savari was charged with membership in conflicting groups and propaganda against the regime, and according to section 500 and 499 of article 5 of the Islamic penal code, sentenced to 6 years in prison by branch number 2 of the revolutionary court of Ahvaz.
The primary sentence was rejected by judge Saeid Koosha in branch number 16 of the appeal court but branch number 2 issued a verdict which was was confirmed and summited to him.
Zia Savari who was arrested following the incidents after the Al-Helal and Foolad soccer match by security forces and released on the bail, sought asylum from Netherlands.
A close source to his family told HRANA’s reporter, “in details of the law suit and according to a report from Hazrat Abulfazl-al-Abbas army, Zia Savari has been in contact with one of his relatives who happened to be an Arab activist with the name of Eisa Savari who was very active in social media, and attended in a rally in front of Iran’s embassy in Netherlands”.
This source continued, “Zia returned due to the pressure of the revolutionary court of Ahvaz on his family about confiscating the bail, lack of documentation and financial support, and negligence of Netherlands’ immigration office. He did not have any contact with any political organization or group and did not attend any rally because his asylum request was not accepted. Let aside that no rally was held in Netherlands in front of Iran’s embassy while he was there”.

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