Mohammad Nazari Transferred to Hospital

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Nazari, a political prisoner in Orumieh prison, suffers from gallbladder disease. He had been sent to hospital with prosecutor’s permission in recent days, but he has been transferred to prison for recurrence of illness and the diagnosis of doctors said that he should undergo a surgery.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Mohammad Nazari, political prisoner in Orumieh Central Prison, suffers from gallbladder disease.
The prisoner who had been deprived of medical facilities in prison, was finally allowed to go to the city hospital with the permission from the prosecutor.
His illness recurred at the time of imprisonment and doctors said he should undergo a surgery promptly. Despite this, prison officials returned Mohammad Nazari to the central prison of Orumieh again, after hearing the response from the doctors.
Close relatives of Mr. Nazari hope that in the next two weeks he will be transferred to the hospital for medical treatment and surgery, and his medical condition will be under the supervision of prison infirmary until he is sent to the hospital.
The prisoner’s close relatives told HRANA: “This political prisoner has better conditions since his transfer to the Orumieh Central Prison, he can have at least regular and monthly visits.”
Mohammad Nazari is one of the oldest political prisoners in Iran who has spent his imprisonment in Orumieh prison.
The prisoner who is serving the twenty-fourth year of his imprisonment, has been on hunger strike for about 55 days as a protest against the legal process in his case, before being transferred to Orumieh Prison.
Mohammad Nazari was beaten by an officer named “Mollazadeh”, while he was in prison’s infirmary at the end of the strike.
Following an argument between Mr. Nazari and the mentioned officer, he slapped twice on Mohammad Nazari’s face, which faced the protest by Omar (Saeed) Faghihpour (in the 18th year of imprisonment) and Khaled Fereydoni (in the 17th year of imprisonment), and other political prisoners.
In spite of the anticipation of legal review of illegal actions by officer “Mullazadeh” to hurt Mohammad Nazari, there was finally a case against Khalid Fereydoni and Omar Faghihpour about the clash with officials.
In the same tense, these three political prisoners were transferred to the prison of Orumieh in the West Azerbaijan province from Karaj Rajai Shahr Prison.
Mohammad Nazari, son of Hamdullah, born in 1971 in Bukan, was arrested on charge of cooperating with a Kurdish opposition party in 1994. He was sentenced to death while he had refused the charges and claimed that they were based on false confessions based on torture. His sentence was reduced to life time imprisonment after five years.

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