Motaleb Ahmadian Will Be Tried Again

HRANA News Agency – Motaleb Ahmadian, political prisoner of Sanandaj, which was plead not guilty in a case before as the prime suspect, is now being interrogated and will be tried as the second defendant.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Motaleb Ahmadian was summoned to Sanandaj court to be tried as the second defendant, in a case that he was plead not guilty as prime defendant, on December 3.
A close source to Mr. Ahmadian told HRANA’s reporter, “He was plead not guilty as prime suspect in this case, but the prosecutor has said ‘this case will remain here and will be sent to Saqez branch of the court for processing.’”
Previously, Mr. Ahmadian transferred to Saqez prison on May 3, and the new case was opened for him.
A close source informed HRANA’s reporter, “It is said that a weapon is found in Saqez prison and one of the prisoners has confessed that it belonged to Mr. Ahmadian. This is while he was in prison since one year prior to that and could not be involved in this allegation”.
Sometime later, Mr. Ahmadian was transferred to Saqez prison and after attending the court session, he was plead not guilty, but was again transferred to Sanandaj prison.
Motaleb Ahmadian, 31, and resident of Baneh, after nearly 230 days in solitary confinement, was charged with waging war against the God and State, and was sentenced to 31 years in prison and exile to Minab. In a separated case, he was charged with homicide, for which after 5 years no sentence has been issued. He is rejecting all of these allegations.

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