Saber Naderi Arrested in Ghorveh Town of Kurdistan Province

HRANA News Agency – Saber Naderi was arrested in Ghorveh town and transferred to an unknown location. During this arrest, that female member of this family experienced body search by male officers and electronic devices of this family was seized, after the full house search.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the security forces of Ghorveh town raided the house of Saber Naderi, CEO of Shahir Pouya Software co., in Ghorveh of Kurdistan province, and arrested him and transferred him to an unknown location.
According to eyewitnesses, security forces had surrounded the house and then around 20 officers raided the house for investigations.
These forces have violated current regulations and male officers searched the body of a female member of the family and their personal accessories, and in response to the protests of the family, threatened them by gun and forced them into silence.
Security forces, after one hour of investigation of the house, seized two lap-tops, plus another lap-top which belongs to Mr. Naderi’s wife, and all of the cell phones, and some books and pamphlets.

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