Mysterious death of complaining prisoner in a solitary confinement

HRANA News Agency – According to the Prison guards, Bahram Tasviri Khiabani a death row prisoner was found dead in a solitary confinement cell at Rajaee Shahr Prison.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the body of Bahram Tasviri Khiabani a death row prisoner was found today August 28th , 2014 in a solitary confinement at Ward 5, Rajaee Shahr Prison. Back in 2010 HRANA published a report about this prisoner raped by prison guards ( see the 2010 report here) and also his accounts about this rape , abuse and mistreatment at prison( see his video here) .
Bahram Tasviri was among the prisoners who always had problems with prison authorities at Rajaee Shahr Prison  because of his complains and protests specially on rape and torture issue since 2009. Because of these issues and also prison guards’ unprofessional attitudes toward him, he spent most of his time in solitary confinement and in unsuitable mental and physical condition at this prison. There is no information available about his charges and his death.
A video of his accounts as a victim of mistreatment at Rajaee Shahr Prison which was published before by HRANA can be watched in the following.
Torture and Rape in Rajai Shahr Prison

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