Execution of at least three prisoners in central prison of Bandar Abbas

HRANA News Agency – At least three prisoners, who were charged with smuggling drug were executed by hanging in central prion of Bandar Abbas.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), aT least three prisoners with the names of Morad Adin, Mahmoud Khaghani and Yaser Rigi, who were charged with carrying and storing drug were executed by hanging in central prison of Bandar Abbas, on Thursday August 28.

The other prisoner Esmaeil Ghanbari who was transferred to the gallows for the execution, is back to his cell after his sentence postponed.

Besides, there is no information from the fate of Majid Ghoraishi, who was also transferred to the gallows by the time this report is being edited.

A close source said to HRANA’s reporter, “Probably he has survived by getting consent from complaints”.

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