Neda Mostaghimi Has Been Arrested

HRANA News Agency – Neda Mostaghimi was arrested in order to serve her three-years-in prison sentence.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA),  Neda Mostaghimi, a supporter of Madaran-e-Park-e-Laleh (Mothers of Laleh Park), was arrested in her workplace by security forces on Monday, May 4.

It is said that Ms. Mostaghimi’s arrest is because of her three years in prison sentence, which was issued in December 2010.

According to a close source, Ms. Mostaghimi was a supporter of Madaran-e-Park-e-Laleh, and her charges were related to acts in support and sympathy with the families of political prisoners and victims of green movement.

Ms. Mostaghimi has not had any contact to her family yet and her whereabouts is not known.

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