The Number of Executions in Rajai Shahr Prisoner Rises to Six

HRANA News Agency – The number of executed prisoners in Rajai Shahr prison increased to six. On July 18, 10 prisoners were transferred to solitary confinements in the prison to be executed, four of them with the consent or deadlines returned to their wards. Six prisoners have been executed.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), 6 of the 10 prisoners who had been transferred to solitary confinements in Karaj, were hanged in the prison.

The identity of these six prisoners that have been obtained by HRANA:

1- Mohsen Khan Mohammadi

2- Mehdi Keshavarz

3- An Afghanistan citizen

4- Alireza Rezaei

5- Saeid Teimouri

6- Jalil Ramezan

Meanwhile, three prisoners were able to be saved from the noose, with the consent of the next of kin. Another prisoner with the deadline for preparation of the amount of blood money, was also returned to his ward.

These prisoners, who had been transferred to solitary confinement for execution, had their last visit on July 18.

It is to say that HRANA had already published a report about Mohsen Khan Mohammadi.

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