Rahai Group Published Their Newest Book on Sex Education

HRANA News Agency – Rahai group has translated and published a book entitled “Where did I come from?” under the slogan of “Towards a liberating education” as an active group in protecting children’s rights in Iran. This is the second step of the group in the project of “sex education for children”. You can download this book for free.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Rahai group consisting of four units of publishing, education, research and interventions, with the slogan of “Towards a liberating education”, is an active group in protecting children’s rights in Iran.

The mentioned book is the newest translated book by this group to teach children that has been made available for free download.

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Where did I come?
Illustrated Truths about Life, the Candid

Author and Illustrator: Peter Miles and Arthur Robbins

Translated by: Ahmad Tasviri

Publisher: Rahai Press

Year of publication: 2016

Number of Pages: 52

Despite request of natural and legal persons to buy this book, Research and Education Center of Rahai, in line with its policy, provided the book for free, like the previous books.

Download the book, 130 MB (original quality)

Download the book, 11 MB (low quality)

The Group previously had translate and published another book entitled “There is no stork” which was also about sex education for children.

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