One Kolbar Injured in Direct Shooting by Iran’s Military

One Kolbar Injured in Direct Shooting by Iran's Military

On Tuesday, March 22, 2022, the military forces injured a kolbar (Cross Border Carrier) through direct shooting at the border area of Hangazhall, located in Kurdistan Province.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting Kolbarnews, a kolbar was wounded in a direct shooting by military forces.

The kolbar has been identified as Molan Khezri, a resident of Bukan County.

Many poor people living in border areas work as kolbars to make ends meet. This type of work is illegal and involves carrying loads on foot across national borders. Each year, dozens of kolbars are injured and killed due to unexpected accidents, hazardous conditions, and border guard shootings.

According to HRANA’s annual report, during the period of March 21 of 2021, and March 16 of 2022, a total of 203 citizens were shot by the regime’s military forces. In these incidents, 91 people were shot dead including 26 Kolbars (Cross Border Carriers), 13 Sukhtbar (Fuel Border Carriers), and 52 other civilians. 112 people were injured, of the injured, 82 people were Kolbars, 12 Sukhtbar, and 18 other civilians.

Additionally, 34 Kolbars were affected by climate and geographic factors such as frostbite and falling from heights. In these accidents, 21 Kolbars were injured and 13 ultimately died. 

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