One worker’s rights activist fired from “Iran Industrial Network Development Organization”

HRANA News Agency – Behnam Khodadad, worker’s rights activist and a member of “Association of Building Electrical Workers of Isfahan” has been fired.

According to a report published by the website of “Association of Building Electrical Workers of Isfahan,” this is a punishment for his speech in the hall of the workers’ camp in Kangan in Southern Pars in the beginning of the new Iranian year.

On 21st March 2013 Behnam Khodadad gave a speech about the salaries and lack of trade unions and asked the workers to unite.

He also declared his support for the European workers’ protests and asked Iranian workers to join them in the united protests to reach their rights.

The intelligence forces of the 12th faze and the camp wanted to arrest him while he was talking, which they couldn’t because of the protest of 1500 workers listening to him. But he was fired form the “Iran Industrial Network Development Organization” in the 12th Faze, after 12 days.

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