Ordinary Prisoners Punished for Supporting Political Prisoners

HRANA News Agency – Two of the prisoners with financial crimes who had supported political prisoners during a conflict in ward 7 of Evin prison, has been transferred from the ward as a punishment. One of the prisoners had been transferred to the “Fashafoyeh” prison and the other prison had been transferred to the second hall of 7th ward of Evin prison.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), a number of financial prisoners had chanted provocative slogans with referring to political prisoners at the anniversary of the revolution which faced the reaction of political prisoners at night on Wednesday February 10.
The prisoners had chanted slogans provocatively such as “Down with seditious”, “Down with the anti-clerical” and then attacked the political prisoners after their protests.
Mentioned financial prisoners mostly are prisoners of the big three billion embezzlement case who according to the political prisoners, have great influence in the jail and regularly act to cause trouble for political prisoners.
According to the prisoners, the financial convicts also have the history of blackmailing and illegal acts against other financial prisoners and a large number of financial prisoners of the ward have supported the political prisoners during the conflict.

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