Payam Bastani Parizi Arrested in Tehran

Payam Bastani Parizi Arrested in Tehran

On September 11, Payam Bastani Parizi was apprehended at his father’s residence in Tehran and subsequently transported to an undisclosed detention center. Notably, Bastani Parizi had previously been detained in connection with the nationwide protests of 2022.

A source closely associated with his family relayed to HRANA that a group of eight security agents conducted the arrest at his father’s residence. The grounds for Bastani Parizi’s detention, his current location, and the charges against him remain shrouded in uncertainty at this time.

Bastani Parizi’s initial arrest occurred on September 24, 2022, during the nationwide protests in Tehran. He was subsequently released from the Great Tehran Penitentiary on February 8, 2023, under the “pardon and commutation” directive implemented at that time.

It’s noteworthy that Bastani Parizi, aged 36, has a history of prior arrests and convictions linked to his activism.

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