A Pedestrian Shot Dead by the Police

HRANA News Agency – The police’s effort to stop a motorcycle resulted in the death of a pedestrian. Two other citizens were injured.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), following the police’s pursue of a motorcycle with two passengers, police forces started shooting at them. A pedestrian with the name of Hasan Alboughaish was shot in the head and killed in Shadegan town on February 9th.
An eyewitness told HRANA’s reporter, “Around 6 pm, police forces who were perusing a motorcycle because of the suspicion that the driver with the name of Seyed Ali Moosavi, did not have the driver license, started shooting him after he neglected the stop order, in the area close to Aboudi bridge in famous bazar of the town, Sough Al-Tamar (Khorma Bazar).
This source continued, “following these gun fires, a pedestrian who was there for shopping, was shot in the head and died instantly, and two others with the names of Seyed Ali Moosavi and Seyed Mostafa Moosavi, who were on the motorcycle were injured”.
According to local sources, some conflicts have occurred between police and residents of the city following this incident.

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