Plain Clothes Agents Attack Mohammad Ali Abtahi

HRANA – On the morning of Thursday, May 20, 2010, a group of plain clothes agents attacked Mohammad Ali Abtahi’s car with tear gas, cables and knives.

According to Parleman News, Mohammad Ali Abtahi described the incident in the following manner: “This morning, at the end of a memorial for Mirza Javad Tehrani held in Shahre Ray that I was participating, I was attached by a number of plain clothes as I was exiting the event, and then in the middle of the highway, near the holly site a car turned in front of me and a group of motorcyclists attacked my car with kicks, cables and knives and broke the windows and threw tear gas inside my car and I was miraculously able to exit the area with broken windows and teary eyes. It was a vicious attack. No one came to help me. Very confident and without fear. God had mercy on me.”

Fars News Agency had its own, completely different, version of the story, offering the following description: “Abtahi who was supposed to participate in this event faced an attack by a group of individuals who intended to physically attack him, but police forces prevented an attack on his person. Nevertheless, Abtahi’s car was damaged, such that its windows were broken.”

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