Police Violently Attack the Families of Political Prisoners

HRANA- State security forces threatened the families of political prisoners on hunger strike in Evin Prison for the last ten days with arrest and prevented them from gathering in front of Tehran’s judiciary.

Kalame reports that anti-riot police attacked the families gathering in front of the main door of Tehran’s judiciary with batons. They forcefully confiscated pictures of the political prisoners, tearing them to pieces and verbally abusing the mothers of the prisoners.

The political prisoners have been in solitary confinement for the last ten days after protesting the inhumane conditions of ward 350 in Evin Prison. The families were gathering on Wednesday again to voice their concern for their loved ones before being confronted by state security forces.

Tehran’s judiciary building was surrounded by security forces and plain-clothed agents at the time this report was filed. Families were told that they would be arrested if they stood near the building. Witnesses report that plain clothed agents were filming and taking pictures of the families and others present in front of the judiciary building.

After the attack the families then moved to the office of the chief justice on Khayyam Street and staged a sit in to voice their concerns before being surrounded and threatened again by state security forces.

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