Three young Balouchis are facing execution

HRANA – Three young  Balouchis named:  Nasser Shahbakhsh,  Khan La’al Mohammad Shahbakhsh  and   Khaled Shahbkash who haved   beed  arrested and charged with having connections with an  armed political group, are  facing executions.
According to HRANA,  reporting from “Balouchestan Human Rights Activists”  these  individuals, mainly having been related with “Jaaj Khodabakhsh   Shahbakhs, ” the leader  of an  armed  political group opposed to the regime, who was detained six  months ago, are  facing executions.  Following repeated struggles, Nasser’s  family  have been able to visit  with him in jail,  and found him  in  a very grave conditifon.

They declared  that due to having been treated harsh and having kept him in unsuitable location,  Nasser has developed severe breathing problems.  Along with the family  of the other  two  detainees,  Nasser’s  family are concerned  that their fate will come down same as one of the relatives of (Shir Mohammad Shahbakhs) who was arrested simoulateously with these three  and died under torture in  Zahedan intelligence detention center.

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