Political Prisoners in Evin Prison Beaten by Other Prisoners

HRANA News Agency – Kayvan Karimi, famous filmmaker who is imprisoned in ward number 8 of Evin prison, was beaten by some other prisoners with general charges, without any reason or history. During this incident his right leg that had gone under surgery operation for tumor, was injured. Prison officials did not allow him to be transferred to a hospital, due to his refusal from wearing “dirty prison uniform”. During past days, at least two other political prisoners, including Mehdi Rajabian, imprisoned musician in ward number 7 and also Vahid Nasiri, political prisoner of ward number 4, were beaten and injured in similar incidents.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Kayvan Karimi, famous filmmaker who is imprisoned in ward number 8, was beaten after few inmates went to his cell and beat him without any reason, on February 25.
A close source to Mr. Karimi told HRANA’s reporter, “these prisoners went to Kayvan’s cell without any reason. Then started picking on him and then beat him. These prisoners injured his right leg as well. This has increased his right leg’s problem that had gone under surgery and needed to go under surgery again”.
This source continued, “prison clinic’s physician recommended that he should be transferred to a hospital due to his right leg’s condition. But prison authorities prevented his from being transferred, due to his refusal from wearing dirty prison uniform”.
HRANA previously reported that nearly 10 years ago his right leg had gone under surgery operation due to a tumor, which according to prison and outside of the prisons physicians, needed another surgery in order to prevent from being transformed to a severe bone marrow.
Beating Mr. Karimi is happening while a similar incident happened on February 20 for Mehdi Rajabian, imprison musician in ward number 7, with similar manner that resulted in a muscle rupture.
Following this, around 12 political prisoners asked head of ward to investigate this, and announced that they would start a hunger strike if this event would be ignored.

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