No prison visits for Saeid Matinpour since 1 month ago

HRANA News Agency – Saeid Matinpour, political prisoner in Evin prison, has been transferred to quarantine ward of this prison and is deprived of the prisoners’ normal facilities including visiting his family since one month ago.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Saeid Matinpour who has been transferred to quarantine ward about one month ago, has been deprived of prisoners’ routine facilities. Quarantine ward has been designed for temporary stay, several days, and there is a lack of other wards’ routine facilities.
However, as in quarantine ward, prisoners have to wear prison uniform when they have visit with their family and as Saeid Matinpour refuses to wear this uniform, in fact he has been deprived of visiting his family and relatives since one month ago.
On 25th may 2007, Saeid Matinpour was arrested in Zanjan and after 278 days temporary detention, on 26th February 2009, was released on 500 million Toman bail from Evin prison. In a closed trial in the branch 15 of Tehran Revolutionary court trial, this journalist was charged with relationship with foreigners and sentence to 7 years imprisonment and was sentenced to 1 year in prison on charge of propagating against the regime. In December 2008, appeal court confirmed the 8 years imprisonment sentence for this Azerbaijani activist.
Matinpour is graduated in philosophy from Tehran University and he is board member of weekly letter “Yarpaq”, “Moje Bidari”. He is also a blogger and civil activist who has been sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for accusation with “relationship with foreigners” just because he had a trip to Turkey.

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