A Prisoner Chained to the Rods in Central Prison of Ardebil

HRANA News Agency – Ardebil Prison is one of the prisons in the country which punishes the prisoners in inhumane ways. For several times during the past year, the authorities of the prison have chained prisoners to the rods for a day.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Meysam Saber, prisoner of the central prison of Ardabil, was chained to the rods in the quarantine section of the prison on September 23, 2017, following the protests against the behavior of the prison guard. He was returned to the ward after a day.
Previously, prison officials used the same method for other prisoners including Abbas Alipour, Afshin Zainali, and Mohammad Saber Malek Raisi, Baluch political prisoner who have been chained to the rods of prison with bracelets and pendants.
Meysam Saber (born in 1991) was arrested and sentenced to death on charge of murder in 2013.

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