A Prisoner Died in Sanandaj Prison Due to Lack of Medical Treatment

HRANA News Agency – Fardin Faramarzi, a detainee in Sanandaj prison, whose medical disability to serve had previously been confirmed by forensic, died after deterioration of his medical condition and in the aftermath of lack of medical care, including failure to send him to a hospital.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), a prisoner named Fardin Faramarzi, passed away in Sanandaj Central Prison, after suffering severe pain in his heart and medical failure, on June 19, 2017.
Fardin Faramarzi, a detainee in Sanandaj Central Prison, had been referred to the prison infirmary twice in the aftermath of severe pain in his heart and returned to the ward without any medical examination. He died due to lack of medical examination, including failure to send him to health centers outside the prison.
An infoormed source, by confirming the news, in a conversation with HRANA’s reporter, said: “Fardin Faramarzi went to the prison health center after a heart problem and returned to the ward without medical examination. Despite the dire situation, the prisoner returned to the clinic later in the same night, and he was returned to the ward again without any medical treatment. The prisoner was transferred to the prison’s infirmary in the early morning, while he was unconscious but he died as a result of not being sent to the hospital and lack of medical treatment.”
The source added that: “The imprisonment intolerance verdict had been issued for him by the forensic, but with the opposition of the judge to the jail, Mr. Kolivand and Mr. Eskandari, he was held in Sanandaj Central Prison.”
Fardin Faramarzi who had been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment by Branch 2 of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court, for drug-related charges, was held in the central prison of Sanandaj, despite confirmation of the imprisonment intolerance by the forensic.

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