A Prisoner Has Gone on Hunger Strike in Urmia Prison

HRANA News Agency – Omid Rahmani, one of the financial crimes prisoners in Central Prison of Urmia, has gone on hunger strike to protest against his situation and lack of accountability and the day after he made “plaster cast” on his head. After doing that, he was transferred to the solitary confinement by the prison authorities. This prisoner’s situation has been assessed to be worrying.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Omid Rahmani, one of the financial crimes prisoners in Urmia prison, who claims that his imprisonment sentence has ended but his release is prevented because of his financial inability to pay the fine, went on a hunger strike on 27th April, to protest his situation and the day after he chalked out his head.
A close source to Rahmani’s family by announcing this news, in a conversation with HRANA’s reporter, said: “Omid is a financial prisoner in Urmia prison and his imprisonment time has been finished but he has a fine of 1500 million IRR that prevents his release or furlough.”
The source added: “Omid has been held in prison since 2011 and he does not have the ability to be held in prison, anymore. He is psychologically quite ill and has gone on hunger strike and after getting some plaster inside prison, in a protest has “plaster cast” on his head which can cause serious damages to his brain. Following this action, Omid was immediately transferred to the solitary confinement”.
He also said at the end: “Omid has even threatened that if these measures do not work, he will set himself on fire in the presence of prisoners and prison authorities”.
Earlier HRANA had reported that Omid Rahmani and the other financial inmate, Rasool Shokri, with a similar situation, in protest at their situation had gone on hunger strike, but were chained to the solitary confinement’s doors by prison authorities as; “a lesson for other prisoners” for 48 hours, in March, and then were returned to their rooms.
It is noteworthy that, Omid Rahmani also had been sentenced to 3 months and 1 day imprisonment in 2013-2014 on accusation of “propaganda against the regime”.

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