Prisoners forced to participate in religious ceremony

HRANA News Agency – Authorities of Rajai Shahr prison, in Karaj, forced the prisoners to attend the religious ceremony of A’shora in cold weather, while they lacked warm clothes and Prison officials would not allow jackets and warm clothes to be brought in even by prisoners’ families.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on Tuesday, 4th November, the religious ceremony of A’shora was held in the prison’s yard and it was fully mandatory for ordinary inmates to participate.
While prisoners in Rajai Shahr are not allowed to use the warm clothes, especially jackets and prison officials do not allow warm clothes to be brought in even by the family members of prisoners.
One of the prisoner of Rajai Shahr prison told HRANA’s reporter: “Forcing to hold ceremonies began from early morning although it was raining and this situation encountered with prisoners’ protests. However, the guards had closed the halls’ entrance doors and did not allow prisoners, who had become crippled, return to their halls until the end of the ceremony, in the afternoon”.
In another part of his talk he said: “None of the prisoners were upset to attend the ceremony of Imam Hossein, but the weather was very cold, and forcing prisoners to stand in the cold weather, caused prisoners’ protests”.

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