Rasoul Iraji Arrested at Sattar Khan’s Grave

HRANA News Agency – Rasoul Iraji was arrested during the “anniversary of Sattar Khan”, at Sattar Khan’s grave, by the security forces and was taken to an unknown location.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Rasoul Iraji, Turkish activist, was arrested during the one hundred and second anniversary of the death of “Sattar Khan, National Commander of constitutionalism in Iran”, by the Ministry of Intelligence agents, in the city of Ray and was transferred to an unknown location, on November 15, 2016.
According to the sources present at the ceremony, “at the time of Fatiha and laying flowers”, several verbal clashes took place between the attendees and the security forces that eventually the ceremony was over by dispersing the attendees.
It should be highlighted that in recent days, in contacts by the Intelligence office, the Turkish activists in Tehran were threatened and forbidden from attending the ceremony.
Rasoul Iraji is from the city of Khoy and a resident of Tehran. He had already a history of arrest and imprisonment sentence. He was arrested along with several other protesters from Khoy, in the opening day of schools in Iran, due to protesting against the “lack of education in Turkish Language and Literature”, in 2015.
Mr. Iraji was tried later in this case with the charge of “propaganda against the regime” by the Revolutionary Court in Khoy and was sentenced to three months imprisonment, which was referred to the Court of Appeal after his objection, and there is no verdict issued yet for this case.

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