A Report About the Condition of Zabul Prison

HRANA News Agency – About eight hundred prisoners in Zabul prison are held in difficult and inhumane conditions.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the life condition in Zabul prison is very difficult and quite far, even, from the usual criteria of an Iranian prison.
According to a prisoner who had recently been released from this prison, the hygiene condition and medical considerations are almost zero; prison clinic has no medicines and prison authorities even do not accept prescribed medicines from prisoners’ families.
Regarding the prison’s food, this source added: “you cannot rely on prison’s food. Once, under the pretext that the number of inmates has increased by new prisoners, they gave us one boiled egg for every 3 person.”
On the other hand, prisons are being ran by corruption, you can buy a lot of the rights of prisoners with money and bribe the prison staff, even to have a close family visit. Prison authorities ask prisoners to pay for prison’s every day expenses such as repairing rooms, water tap, and bathroom. Even, they take new prisoners’ some valuables when they just arrive and never give them back to them or their families.
Drugs in Zabul prison are available by prison staff or they facilitate it by taking bribes and drug abuse among the prisoners is completely normal.
Also, any objection to this situation meet with the severe reaction and torture as the punishment and sometimes prisoner is tied to a special column after being beaten until his wound healing and then they return him into the ward.
In this regard, this source said: “For example, a few days ago, a prisoner named; Mehdi Soori was beaten due to an argument with prison staff, and was tied to the column for three days and after too many times begging, he was back to ward.”
According to this source, some of the prisoners in Zabul prison even after many years are still in detention, and their court verdict has not been issued due to unknown reasons.
According to HRANA’s sources, there are seven to eight hundred prisoners with different charges being kept in Zabul prison; 18 to 23 people in a small room with non-standard situation.

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