A Report about Dr. Maleki’s Sit-In

HRANA News Agency – Dr. Mohammad Maleki has started a sit-in in front of one the IRGC buildings, in response to the seizure of his properties and being banned from leaving the country.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), this sit-in is being carried out since three weeks ago, on Mondays from 10 to 12, in front of the Dena building in Vanak square, and along with Dr. Maleki, some of the families of political prisoners and victims of violations of human rights are participating.

Dr. Maleki described the reasons of this protest in a short interview and said that “this protest is in response to being banned from leaving the country and also seizure of my properties like 100 books, PC, cell phone and other things. Our follow ups did not have any results, so we had no way except protesting and we will continue till we get our rights”.

Mr. Maleki explained regarding their chosen place for their protest, “This place was tire factory that in a strange process became the properties of Mulla Mohammad Yazdi, which was the head of judiciary. Part of our protest is about the plunder of public assets, chose this place to point out these embezzlements and peculations”.

According to Dr. Maleki, the IRGC ordered him to be banned from leaving the country, and there is no explanation for that.

Dr. Maleki added that, “this is not a personal protest and there are many people who are banned from leaving Iran with the same methods and this peaceful protest could be considered as a protest for all the people whose rights are neglected.”

Dr. Mohammad Maleki is the first head of the University of Tehran after the revolution and has almost always been under persecution and harassment for his critical articles. Last time, after the 2009 presidential elections he was arrested for 191 days while he was suffering from many diseases.

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