A Report about Malek Mohammad Abadian’s Family’s Situation

HRANA News Agency – After more than 3 years in solitary confinement and prison and despite the overturn of death penalty of family members of Malek Mohammad Abadian by the Supreme Court and despite the repeated promises, Court of Zahedan refuses to release the family on the bail.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Nasrin Abadian, this family’s girl, by announcing this issue, told HRANA: “The Supreme Court, due to lack of evidence and the fact that the confession was under torture, overturned the death penalty. Also the family of Molavi Jangi Zehi has said that they had no complaints against our parents, and local dignitaries testified about their innocence by a petition, and the authorities had also promised their freedom, however, sabotage and infiltrations by the security agents has been an obstacle to their freedom.”

Malek Mohammad Abadian, Javad Abadian, Hadi Abadian, Abdullah Abadian, Jabir Abadian, Gol Mohammad Balidehei, Nezamodin Mollahzadeh, Molavi Abdullah Mollahzadeh, Sunni imam (Parod), Molavi Fathi Mohammad Naghshbandi, Sunni imam in Rasak, and Molavi Abdul Ghafar Naqshbandi Friday vice imam in Rasak city, on March 2011, were arrested on charge of murder of Maulvi Mustafa Jangi Zehi, along with acting against national security in March 2011.

According to the court verdict, issued by the Revolutionary Court in Zahedan, chaired by Ma’h Goli, Mulavi Fathi Mohammad Naqshbandi was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and exile in Khalkhal, Mulavi Abdul Ghafar Naqshbandi, to 13 years imprisonment and exile in Ardabil and Malek Mohammed Abadian, Javad Abadian, Jaber Abadian, and Nezamodin Mollahzadeh were sentenced to death. This sentence was overturned by the Supreme Court and recently also Mulavi Naqshbandi was released on a bail of one billion Tomans but the rest of his entourage remained in prison.

According to Ms. Nasrin Abadian, her father was arrested, at first, and then three brothers, husband, uncle and his cousin were also arrested, interrogated and tortured under severe pressure to put pressure on her father. Arrests and pressure on children and the promise of freedom in return of confession and cooperation, forced Mr. Abadian to agree with a confession in television. According to his daughter, after the end of the solitary confinement and breaking the authorities’ promise regarding releasing him, then he told the prosecutor and the judge under which conditions he had made that false confessions and this caused the sentence being overturned by the Supreme Court.

Also the family of Mulavi Jangi Zehi, by writing notarized letters on several occasions to the Revolutionary Court in Zahedan, the prosecutor’s office and the Supreme Court, considered detainees as innocent people and called for their freedom.

Daughter of Malek Mohammed Abadian described her family’s situation after the arrest of family members critical and said: “My father and two brothers are still in prison and my younger brother also was arrested and because he was just 16years old, he was taken to a Juvenile Rehabilitation Center and after being released, because of the pressures, he has a tough physical and mental condition. Our family is getting emotionally and economically torn apart, and more than ever we need now our father, my little sister has got ill during this period of time as she is very dependent on our father, all the people who were able to work in the family have been imprisoned and we are quite desperate, they can, at least, get my father released on bail.”

Nasrin Abadian at the end called all government officials and human rights activist institutions and “Anyone who can somehow help to release an innocent person”, to hear them and take action to help these family: “I know probably, this talk will be a challenge and a threat, but we have really no choice, and we are really fed up, and we request all officials, human rights organizations and anyone who can do anything to help us to have our father with our family again.”

It should be noted that Mulavi Mostafa Jangi Zehi, was Sunni Friday Imam in Rasak city, Sarbaz city, of Sistan and Baluchistan Province, who was killed in the way between Chabahar and Sarbaz in January 2011.

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