A Report about the Quarantine of Amir Abad Prison of Gorgan

HRANA News Agency – Prisoners detained in the quarantine of Amir Abad prison in Gorgan are in distressed and poor health condition. Lack of healthy water and inappropriate nutrition of prisoners have caused many of them suffer from digestive and kidney diseases. In the quarantine of this prison, there is only one telephone booth for the prisoners which does not work often. The extra-judicial exposure of prison authorities which is sometimes accompanied by violence and beatings, has created difficult conditions for prisoners.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Amir Abad Prison in Gorgan has had several political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in previous years, including political prisoners; Roozbeh Gilasian and Nima Saffar, who are currently serving their sentences in this prison.
The quarantine of the Amir Abad prison in Gorgan has 20 rooms, there are no entrance doors at the quarantine rooms, and in each of the rooms there are 4 double bedrooms.
According to the statistics, the quarantine of Amir Abad prison in Gorgan, has a capacity of 160 prisoners, and a room dedicated to clerics convicted of political and nonpolitical reasons.
In the quarantine of this prison, the law of the separation of crimes does not apply between rooms and prisoners of general crime, robbery etc. are kept together.
The health status of prisoners in the quarantine of this prison, has been described as inappropriate, so that prisoners’ drinking water is provided from non-sanitary water, causing gastrointestinal and renal diseases among prisoners.
The quarantine infirmary also lacks medical professionals, and sometimes by prescribing wrong medication, causes a serious risk for prisoners’ health.
In the quarantine of Amir Abad prison in Gorgan, there are only two showers for prisoners, and all prisoners have to use the two showers, while the water is very cold.
The quarantine of this prison is without a kitchen and a fridge, and prisoners have to use low quality and poor food. Also, because of lack of refrigerator, prisoners do not have access to dairy products, meat and healthy eating.
A prisoner who was recently released from the quarantine of the Amir Abad prison in Gorgan told HRANA’s reporter: “The case worker does not deal with the situation of the prisoners and treats the prisoners selectively.”
In the quarantine of the Amir Abad prison in Gorgan, there is only one phone booth for prisoners which often does not work and this has limited the prisoners’ access to telephone.
The behavior of the prison authorities is described to be very violent, as reported, authorities do not hesitate to abuse and beat prisoners.
The quarantine’s yard is 60 meters long and 15 meters wide, and prisoners are forced to stay in the yard during the prayers’ time in cold weather in winter and in hot summer weather in a poor condition.
The air conditioner is in fault in the quarantine of this prison, and inmates often breathe dust-filled air.
This ward has only one TV in the chapel hall where prisoners just as an encouragement at the discretion of the authorities, are able to watch their favorite programs.

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